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Popcorn is a healthy, whole grain snack. Whole grain means that it contains the entire grain, including the outside, or hull. The term “hullless popcorn” is a bit of a misnomer because all popcorn has a hull. However, some popcorn varieties have a hull that is naturally tender. These gourmet popcorns tend to be smaller than the popcorn you are used to and have smaller hulls that are easier to chew and less likely to get stuck in your teeth or your gums. If you love popcorn but have been avoiding it because of large, sharp hulls, consider giving one of our “hullless” gourmet popcorn varieties a try.

Although these tiny varieties are slightly more expensive than typical 'cardboard' popcorn, consider this: Most of these varieties produce 800-900 pounds per acre compared to the overfertilized commercial varieties that typically produce over 13,000 pounds per acre.

We recommend popping all of our smaller varieties using a medium to low heat as they do not contain the moisture content of the 'huge' varieties and take a "tiny" bit longer to pop!

Hulless Popcorn Special! - $27.95

Hulless Special

All 6 varieties of our 1lb Hulless Popcorn Bags!
Our Hulless Popcorn Special features all 6 varieties including: Petite Princess Amber, Baby Pearl, Baby Opal, Baby Yellow Topaz, Southwestern Gold, and Baby Blue Sapphire!

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Our Hulless Line of Popcorn
Please note that the hulless variety does NOT work in hot air poppers.






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