Gourmet Popcorn

Small Kernel & Hulless Popcorn

$8.00/2 lbs
Order Baby Blue Sapphire Popcorn

Baby Blue Sapphire

Baby Blue Sapphire Similar to our larger Blue Sapphire, our Baby Blue Sapphire has the beautiful blue and red hues of the most rare sapphire stones. The tiny, delicate kernels are grown in Indiana where it is meticulously cared for. This rare popcorn pops up small and crunchy with a slightly sweer flavor., A new addition to the Crown Jewel Collection and sure to become a favourite.

$7.50/2 lbs
Order Baby Yellow Topaz Popcorn

Baby Yellow Topaz

Baby Yellow Topaz The small, hulless, beautiful yellow popcorn variety has a delicate, crunchy texture. It is grown in the fertile grain belt of Indiana. Its tender kernel and unique flavor is sure to please the true connoisseur. Our Bay Yellow Topaz is a popular addition to the Crown Jewel Collection.

$7.25/2 lbs
Order Crown Jewel Blend

Crown Jewel Blend

Crown Jewel BlendThere are eight different popcorn varieties in the Corn Jewel Collection. Each are sold separately, but we make unique blends with all or a few of the varieties. Our blends are colorful combination of the beautiful kernels or popcorn. By taste and color, you will be able to identify each variety. Enjoy Crown Jewel Blends.

$7.00/2 lbs
Order Firey Garnet Popcorn

Fiery Garnet

Firey Garnet Popcorn Much like the luminous layered colors of this rare gem, the Fiery Garnet variety feature unique stripes of bring yellow and red. This rare grain is grown in the fertile soils of Indiana. Each handful of this delicious popcorn contains different colors and sizes and a different flavor and crunch. A limited edition to the Crown Jewel Collection.

$7.00/2 lbs
Order Pink Diamond

Pink Diamond

Pink Diamond Popcorn Just like the rare and coveted Pink Diamond, this variety of popcorn has a unique, beautiful color. Grown in the fertile soils of Indiana, this popcorn pops up white, fluffy, sweet and tender. It is a delicious, rare addition to the Crown Jewel Collection.

$7.00/2 lbs
Order Southwest Gold

Southwest Gold

Southwest Gold Popcorn These small kernels of red and yellow hulless popcorn grow naturally on the same ear of corn. The tiny red kernels produce of sweet, crunchy flavor while the more predominate tiny yellow kernels produce a bold corn flavor with the same tenderness. This beautiful, colorful variety is another rare addition to the Crown Jewel Collection.

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