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Crown Jewel Gourmet Popcorn was started over 20 years ago to provide true specialty gourmet popcorn kernels to the discriminating popcorn connoisseur. We refuse to package our popcorn in microwave packaging (for YOUR health!) and appreciate the loyalty of our customers that know why!

Our family has been growing non-GMO popcorn in the Midwest for over 90 years!  Our gourmet popcorn makes a perfect healthy gift as well.

Remember when you go to the movie theater, you CAN take your own popcorn. If they ask, tell them you can’t eat their popcorn due to dietary issues.

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14 Varieties of Gourmet Popcorn Kernels

Red Ruby Popcorn

Baby Opal

Blue, purple and opalescent hues radiate from every kernel.


Baby Pearl Popcorn

Baby Pearl

Lustrous and luscious as these uncommon treasures from the sea.


Baby Topaz Popcorn

Baby Yellow Topaz

The small, hulless, popcorn variety has a delicate, crunchy texture.


Blue Sapphire Gourmet Popcorn

Blue Sapphire

Grown in the rolling hills of the Midwest and nurtured by only rainwater.


Mixed Popcorn

Crown Jewel Blend

By taste and color, you will be able to identify each variety.


Firey Garnet Popcorn

Fiery Garnet

Each handful of this delicious popcorn contains different colors and sizes.


Petite Princess Amber Popcorn

Petite Princess Amber

This special variety of popcorn is so small and rare, so difficult and costly to grow.


Pink Diamond Popcorn

Pink Diamond

This popcorn pops up white, fluffy, sweet and tender.


Purple Amethyst Popcorn

Purple Amethyst

Our dedicated popcorn farmer who won’t settle for second best.


Red Ruby Popcorn

Red Ruby

Known as strawberry popcorn, a rich flavor with a firm yet crunchy texture.


Diamond Popcorn

White Diamond

One of the most prestigious hybrids in the Crown Jewel Collection.


Southwest Gold Popcorn

Southwest Gold

Sweet, crunchy and bold popcorn flavor with the same tenderness.


Yellow Topaz Popcorn

Yellow Topaz

We chose this superior hybrid to become our Yellow Topaz and represent its color in the Crown Jewel Collection.


Baby Blue Sapphire

Baby Blue Sapphire

The tiny, delicate kernels are grown in the Midwest where it is meticulously cared for.


Wrapping & Packaging Options

Wrapped & Delivered!

Gift Wrapped Popcorn

Gift wrapping available for gift sets and popcorn poppers for just
$5.00 for each wrapped item!
Select the gift wrap option on each product as you shop.

Specials & Gift Ideas

Popcorn & Seasonings

Check out our other Popcorn Gift Sets and Specials!
We also carry a special Hulless Popcorn line.

News and Fun Popcorn Ideas/Recipes

We have two new areas of the site: health information about popcorn and popcorn fun! For the holidays we’ll leave up our popcorn ball recipe.

Fun Ideas & Popcorn Recipes
Popcorn balls and ideas for the holidays!

NEWS: Popcorn Health Articles:
This is why Crown Jewel has never packaged our gourmet popcorn in microwave bags.
Health Benefits of Popcorn
Health Hazards of Microwave Popcorn – Please read!

Did you know?
Popcorn Facts

Crown Jewel Gourmet Popcorn Kernels are non-GMO!
There are NO genetically modified organisms used, it is healthy as well as full of antioxidants!
All our popcorn kernels are GLUTEN FREE!

The Scoop About Bagged & Store Bought Popcorn

So you love those big bag of popcorn that are taking over the grocery stores??
A fact: The shipping and bags of those convenient bags is almost 85% of the cost.
YES, twice as expensive as movie theater popcorn on a per cup basis, but’s let’s not get into how and what kind of popcorn they pop.
The bags are not recyclable and they use fuel to ship AIR!!! Then there’s the saturated fats and preservatives.
(Tell them you have a digestive disorder if they ask!!)

Featured in Parade, Country Living and Williams-Sonama

Once again, you can experience the crunch, flavor and texture of great, wonderful mouthwatering popcorn. Our Gourmet Popcorn company brings you the finest popcorn kernels grown in the World by the most knowledgeable and dedicated popcorn farmers. Every one of our select popcorns are selected for the unique colors, hulless properties, small popcorn kernels, textures and true gourmet taste. Our products have been featured in ‘PARADE‘ magazine as a great, healthy, gourmet food and was also included in ‘Food and Wine Magazine’ during their wine festival. We’ve been featured in in ‘Country Living‘ and you can find us in Williams-Sonoma! True Gourmet Popcorn kernels for everyone!

The Only Gourmet Popcorn Featured at the Aspen Food & Wine Festival

Our varieties include the world’s smallest popcorn kernel – Petite Princess Amber (hulless) and Baby Pearl (hulless). The Red Ruby and Purple Amethyst popcorn varieties are a must for any popcorn connoisseur who favors a crunchy, nutty, sweet kind of popcorn. The Blue Sapphire and Yellow Topaz provide a true intense corn flavor – one sweeter than the other. And finally our White Diamond Popcorn one of our hulless varieties, this is the finest, lightest and sweetest popcorn you will ever eat. Try any of our gourmet popcorn varieties and you will never eat “regular” popcorn again!

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