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Popcorn Seasonings & Salt

What’s better that the best popcorn in the world?? Great popcorn seasonings & salts to put on it! Crown Jewel Gourmet Popcorn has some of the best seasonings to hit the taste buds and they come in two handy  sizes. Not only do they work great on popcorn, but you can also put them on pizza, pasta, potatoes… just about everything! Stock up around the holiday’s as our seasonings make the perfect gift!  We have Vermont cheeses, “movie theater” salts and other mouthwatering seasonings to make a unique combination for all your popcorn needs!

2 New Cheddar Cheese Powders

Two New Cheddar Cheese Powders!
Sharp AND Mild (make choice upon checkout)
Delicious, melt-in-your-mouth pure cheese powder!
Try them on baked potatoes, vegetables, rice and almost any other food for a delicious alternative to butter.

Both have full flavors without the ‘fillers’.
They’ll have you licking your fingers to get to the last bit!

Another addition to our delicious popcorn seasoning line!


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The Crown Jewel Spice Line

Popcorn Seasonings

5 Ounces
Vermont White Cheddar 5 oz – $7
Kettle Corn Seasoning 5 oz – $7
Green Chile Garlic Cheddar 5 oz – $7

8 Ounces
Butter Salt- Old Fashioned Stadium Popcorn Flavor 8 oz – $5
Natural Pink Mineral Salt 8 oz – $5

9 Ounces
Vermont White Cheddar 9 oz – $8

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