The Original Crown Jewel Popcorn Line

Yellow Topaz Popcorn

Yellow Topaz

We chose this superior hybrid to become our Yellow Topaz and represent its color in the Crown Jewel Collection.


Baby Pearl Popcorn

Baby Pearl

Lustrous and luscious as these uncommon treasures from the sea.


Blue Sapphire Gourmet Popcorn

Blue Sapphire

Grown in the rolling hills of Illinois and nurtured by only rainwater.


Mixed Popcorn

Crown Jewel Blend

By taste and color, you will be able to identify each variety.


Petite Princess Amber Popcorn

Petite Princess Amber

This special variety of popcorn is so small and rare, so difficult and costly to grow.


Purple Amethyst Popcorn

Purple Amethyst

Our dedicated popcorn farmer who won’t settle for second best.


Red Ruby Popcorn

Red Ruby

Known as strawberry popcorn, a rich flavor with a firm yet crunchy texture.


Diamond Popcorn

White Diamond

One of the most prestigious hybrids in the Crown Jewel Collection.