Health Hazards of Microwave Popcorn!

You may have thought that the most dangerous thing about that microwave popcorn you just poured into your bowl were the unpopped kernels lurking at the bottom! Think again. A microwave popcorn bag is just one more thing that is made with chemicals that may cause cancer and other health problems. And it isn’t just the bags themselves that contain hidden dangers, it’s the flavorings in the popcorn, too.

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Microwave popcorn bags are coated on the inside with a substance that, when subjected to the heat of your microwave, becomes a chemical that the Environmental Protection Agency has referred to as “a likely carcinogen.” Another substance used in that tasty microwave popcorn butter has been found to cause lung disease in factory workers who experience long-term exposure to it. That’s right, working in a microwave popcorn factory and breathing the fumes from chemicals in the butter can make workers sick. There is a reason why microwave popcorn is banned in many tall buildings with no outside ventilation, especially if someone on the 28th floor prepares it and everyone else in the building can smell it.

In addition to possibly dangerous chemicals in microwave popcorn bags and butter, most microwave popcorn is loaded with fat, salt and preservatives. It may seem like a convenient snack, but have you ever popped a bag of microwave popcorn and gotten your money’s worth out of it? When you microwave a bag of popcorn, you nearly always end up with burnt popcorn or unpopped kernels. If you want healthy popcorn that doesn’t waste your money with inedible pieces, make your own air-popped popcorn. You can also make it on the stovetop with healthy oils like olive oil. That way, you control the ingredients and the amount of salt and fat.

If you’re looking for healthy seasonings for your homemade popcorn, our special blends of herbs and spices will make your mouth water. And if all you’ve ever eaten is microwave or movie theater popcorn, why not treat yourself to one of our gourmet popcorn varieties? When properly prepared and seasoned, popcorn is a tasty and healthy whole-grain treat packed with more antioxidants than a full day’s serving of fruits and vegetables. Toss the bagged popcorn and replace it with a safe and healthy snack. Once you taste popcorn without all the chemicals and fat, you’ll never go back to the bag again.