Baby Blue Sapphire Popcorn




Similar to our larger Blue Sapphire popcorn, our Baby Blue Sapphire has the beautiful blue and red hues just like the rarest sapphire stones. The tiny, delicate kernels are grown in heart of the Midwest where it is meticulously cared for using natural rain water. This rare popcorn pops up small and crunchy with a slightly sweet flavor. Sure to become a favorite!

$2.oo extra if you want your popcorn in our handy jar!

Please note that the hulless variety of our popcorn does NOT work in hot air poppers and take a “tiny” bit longer to pop!

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Weight N/A

Jar 2lb ($2 extra), Bag 2lb


  1. Shelby Smith (verified owner)

    I consider myself a popcorn connoisseur having tried most brands and types for over 60 years. I can truthfully say that the Baby Blue Sapphire is the BEST popcorn that I have ever eaten. The taste or flavor is a 10. Most hulls pop, but those that don’t are crunchy and easy to chew–also a 10. And the texture of the popcorn is crunchy, not soft or melting in my mouth–another 10. This is what I’m buying from now on.

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