Petite Princess Amber Popcorn




This special variety of popcorn is so small and rare, so difficult and costly to grow that only one farming family in the Midwest has the patience to coax this miniature marvel from Mother Earth. For over 100 years this coveted seed has been planted on the family farm.   This hulless popcorn is truly unique in ever sense of the word.  It will produce only 1500 pounds per acre of land compared to the 10,000 pounds of a large yellow popcorn. The naturally rich soil, nature’s rainwater and a family’s tradition and hope are the key elements that bring you Crown Jewel’s Petite Princess Amber, the worlds smallest popcorn.   It’s our most popular popcorn by far, and for good reason! It is the lightest, crunchiest and tastiest popcorn you will ever try.  Period.

$2.oo extra if you want your popcorn in our handy jar!

Please note that the hulless variety of our popcorn does NOT work in hot air poppers and take a “tiny” bit longer to pop!

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Jar 2lb (2 Extra), Bag 2lb


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