Specialty Gourmet Popcorn Line

Baby Topaz Popcorn

Baby Yellow Topaz

The small, hulless, popcorn variety has a delicate, crunchy texture.


Blue Sapphire Gourmet Popcorn

Baby Blue Sapphire

The tiny, delicate kernels are grown in Indiana where it is meticulously cared for.


Mixed Popcorn

Crown Jewel Blend

By taste and color, you will be able to identify each variety.


Firey Garnet Popcorn

Fiery Garnet

Each handful of this delicious popcorn contains different colors and sizes.


Pink Diamond Popcorn

Pink Diamond

This popcorn pops up white, fluffy, sweet and tender.


Southwest Gold Popcorn

Southwest Gold

Sweet, crunchy and bold popcorn flavor with the same tenderness.